Bible Reading Schedule for a New Year!

Dear Friend,

This year consider challenging yourself to read through the whole Bible—cover to cover! If you ask the Lord to help you read His Word consistently and with an open heart, I’m sure you’ll find He will do more than you could imagine. If we expect to see spiritual change in our lives, we must consistently read and submit to the Word of God.  

Following this schedule will prepare you during the week for the worship service on Sunday. During our evening services in 2019, the pastors will preach from a section of Scripture you would have read in your devotions that week. My hope is that your personal time in the Word will be complemented by the preaching of God’s truth. If you fall behind, don’t worry! I suggest you mark it in your schedule, skip ahead to where we are this week, and come back later to finish the sections you missed.

If you’ve never read through the Bible before, make this the year you do it!

-Pastor Marshall

Click here to download and print out the Bible Reading Schedule for 2019.