Letter from Pastor Marshall and Jenna


Dear Church Family, 

My family and I are very excited to announce that I have chosen to accept the calling from Harvest to serve as the Senior Pastor. Jenna and I are looking forward to what the Lord has prepared for our church in the coming years. From the beginning of this process, we have been consistently amazed at how God has worked in our hearts and in the hearts of others to show the path forward. Yes, this has been a long process, but it has been a rewarding one. God has allowed us to spend much time listening and talking about what makes our church special and how God might use our congregation in the local and surrounding areas in the future. 

We know we are stepping into some big shoes, and we won't be able to fill all the gaps left for us. But we know that God is gracious and will raise up men and women in our church to fill those gaps. 

Thank you to the deacons and pulpit committee for the time they put into this process. Thank you to Pastor Fant for his leadership and the time he has poured into me. It's been a wonderful experience to serve with my dad and mom in the ministry these past 8 years. We will be forever grateful for their impact on us.

Pastor Marshall and Jenna