Transition Plan Update from Pastor Fant

Dear Harvest family,

We updated the church on the pastoral transition as part of last Sunday evening’s business meeting. The pulpit committee unanimously recommended to the deacon board for Pastor Marshall to be the next Senior Pastor of Harvest Baptist Church. The deacon board unanimously approved the pulpit committee’s recommendation. We presented the following timeline last Sunday night:

March 19 PM service: 

  • Pulpit Committee’s report/Q&A and comments from the congregation
  • Q&A from congregation for Pastor Marshall and Jenna
  • Call for congregational prayer and fasting 

March 26 PM service:

  • Congregational vote on Pastor Marshall as the next Senior Pastor of Harvest Baptist Church.

March is going to be a very important month in our church family. I ask you to put these two dates and your calendar, March 19 and 26. Please make every effort to attend these meetings. 

I also ask you to do two more things:

1. Contact members of the pulpit committee to ask questions and get their insights. The members of the committee are Charles Smith, Jeremy Smith, Matt Storey, Peggy Fraser, Larry Doig, and Mike Jensen. They really want to share with you their work and conclusion, as well as answer any questions you might have.

2. Submit questions for pulpit committee and/or Pastor Marshall in writing ahead to time to Mike Yessa as chairman of the deacons. Mike’s email address is and his cell number is 803-493-6647.

God bless,

Pastor Fant