Wednesday Evening Fall Schedule

Wednesday Evenings beginning September 7th


  • Cradle and Discovery Clubs
  • Kids Clubs (1st-6th Grades)
  • Y.E.S. Groups (7th-12th Grades)
  • Prayer Meeting (Adults)


  • Ephesians—The Church United—Pastor Drew
Why did God establish the church? What is MY purpose in the church? Join us as we unpack Paul's letter to the Ephesians verse by verse. We'll focus not only on the doctrinal foundation of our faith, but also its pracitcal application to our daily lives. Pastor Drew will help us work through God's plan for world redemption and reconciliation, spiritual gifts, the church, God's formula for change, and the believer's equipping for spiritual warfare.
  • What did you Expect? by Paul David Trip
    • Husbands—Dr. Fant
    • Wives—Gretchen Fant
Somehow, someway, every marriage becomes a struggle. Everyone's marriage morphs into something they didn't intend it to be. At some point you need something sturdier than romance. You need something deeper than shared interests and mutual attraction. You need changed expectations, you need radical commitments, and most importantly, you need grace.